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A Tool for Creating Value-Based Content for Our Clients

February 8, 2011

On the CWS Content team, we employ a methodology to help us identify a client firm’s intrinsic value and to create messaging around it.

Creating a value proposition

Here’s our process. We:

  • Describe the demographic target for the site
  • Describe the end-user problem – why does he or she need a lawyer?
  • Describe the solutions the law firm offers
  • Name the firm’s distinct advantages – the qualities that differentiate the firm from its competition and the benefits clients receive from hiring this particular firm

Applying the information

Then we apply this information into a kind of “mad libs” format:

For <end-user description>, <this firm> provides <solution(s)> for <user problem> by <distinct advantage>.

An example:
For families and individuals at the emotional and financial crossroads, the Law Offices of X,Y & Z provides free initial consultation and creative, compassionate legal guidance.

We used this for the Law Office of Eric L. Fredrickson, P.C.

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