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Law Firm SEO: Be Found with On-Site Optimization

September 6, 2011

To stake your claim on the front pages of Google, you must first build a website that is well designed, easy to navigate, and informational.  Focusing the content structure of your site around well searched keyword phrases that describe your business can help bring relevant traffic to your pages, thus increasing conversion.

Networking your site with others will become a crucial step, but first you must make sure your site is the best it can be.  Does it load quickly?  Do any links redirect?  Is it clean?  Simple?  How is your SEO?

To answer the latter, take these on-site optimization factors into account.

  • Keyword Research
  • Titles & Metas
  • Headers
  • HTML Attributes
    • Bold/Italicize
    • Block Quotes
    • Unordered Lists

Keyword Research

This is really where this all begins.  Find a good keyword selection resource, type in some phrases that sum up your business and use the results to measure monthly global or local results and analyze your competition.

From there you can determine which keywords should be spotlighted on which pages, or how they can be used in your external link building strategy.

Titles & Metas

These lie in the code of your site as a direct line to Google for you to tell them what exactly your site is about.  Start with a title.  Your users will be seen in the title bar of your browser and as a directing link in any Google, Bing or Yahoo! search  but it’s primary purpose is to trigger search engine crawlers.

law firm seo

The description comes next and will also be seen in a Google search.

law firm seo

While these two elements are coded for search engines to read, your users will see them, too.  In many cases, these elements could be what bring people to your site in the first place.  A well written but short description with the right keyword placement can not only make you rank, but make people click.


Within the actual content of your website, you’ll want to give people information.  We discussed what it takes to provide smart and user-friendly website content but one element that encourages great SEO results is emphasizing those keyword terms that, as always, are well searched.  Your keyword research will fill you in on what people are looking for and how competitive it will be to rank well for that.

A part of emphasizing these key terms is to place them in your header tags (H1, H2, H3 and so on).  The Delaware auto accident attorneys of Silverman, McDonald & Friedman provide a good example of how good headers can help rankings and make your content easier to navigate.

HTML Attributes

There are usually two ways to edit your content, in the basic editor or in the HTML editor.  What you do in one affects the other, it’s just a matter of which you’re more comfortable editing.  That being said, you want to make sure any HTML edits you have made are right so as not to slow down the search engines when they’re crawling your site.

Basic HTML attributes can do something similar as the role of the header – emphasize your important keywords.  Consider making your important keyword terms or phrases bold or italicized.

Elements like block quotes and unordered lists have been known to return a higher relevance than standard text.  If that’s still the case, it’s a great SEO step.  If not, they still make your site easier to read and navigate so why not use them when you can?

Law Firm SEO

There are many components to a good SEO strategy, many of which we’ll dive into in future blog posts.  But an external linking portfolio won’t do enough if you don’t start on-site first.  Your firm is unique and your website should represent that.  Our law firm SEO services will help your business stand out on the web, introducing you to a wide array of new clients.

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