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Law Firm SEO: Telling Your Story with Smart, User-Friendly Content

August 2, 2011

Quickly engaging potential clients while appealing to their needs, questions and overall interests is no easy task.

Constructing compelling website content is one thing.  But it won’t take long before making that compelling content search-engine friendly turns into a balancing act.

Search Engine Watch is one of many SEO resources that emphasize the importance of content for SEO purposes.  Providing useful information is what will set you apart from your competitors and keep your readers around.  Just sharing photos, small blurbs and your company pricing is not enough.

Search Engine-Friendly Meets User-Friendly

But powerful SEO content should go above and beyond user engagement.  We understand that when website content is optimized for search engine success, a balance of key search terms and user-friendly information is crucial.  Well-crafted content can take a structural hit when you focus on keyword placement, internal linking and external resource linking.

Tricks to Keyword Placement

You want to use highly searched keywords for your H1, H2 and H3 tags, but a GEO-specific keyword could limit your target.  Say you practice in all 5 boroughs New York City, Long Island and even New Jersey, but it’s found that “Brooklyn divorce attorney” is more highly searched and less competitive in the SEO strategy.  Using header tags on your site that say “Divorce Attorney in Brooklyn” can help because Google will see that phrase as being what your website is about, thus improving your rankings for it.  However, header tags jump out to users as well.  A potential client in Nassau County may see that and think your practice is only in Brooklyn, not realizing you serve their area, too.

Keeping the keyword phrase intact is crucial to your rankings but adding to it could significantly help usability and conversion.  Consider “Brooklyn Divorce Attorney Also Serving NYC, LI and NJ.”

The same can be said for keyword placement within the content body itself.

The Los Angeles immigration attorneys of Wilner & O’Reilly display a helpful solution to this very challenge.

Attracting New Visitors

Another key component of a successful SEO campaign is getting links from authoritative sites that direct back to yours.  Having a well designed website with helpful, detailed and well-written information will increase the likelihood that a website owner or blogger will link back to your site as a reference.  This will not only increase traffic to your site but will indicate to Google that its authoritative, thus improving your rankings, too.

SEO doesn’t have to compromise your print marketing campaign or provide misleading information about your business.  We believe usability is just as important as your law firm SEO which is why we offer professional content to fit your law firm’s specific needs.

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